Countdown to banding day

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jimmy Choo and the shakers playing here tonight

Ok I know it has been a long time between updates but it was a furious lead up to banding day. Busy with work, home, kids etc. Also I just didn't really have anything to say. I was so anxious and nervous and excited I couldn't string two words together. Also my stomach does this weird playing up thing when I am extremely stressed where it really can't hold onto anything so I was just a big barrell of yuk leading up to the op.

But now I am banded. I have a lap band. I am a bandit. New life has begun. What do I think so far. Neh. Whatever. See I knew logically in my head that the surgery was going to hurt, I knew logically that I wasn't going to walk out of the hospital 80kgs lighter, I knew logically in my head that liquids for 4 weeks was what was on the cards. The problem is that logic doesn't always have the loudest voice. So to each issue. The pain. I had my gall bladder out last december so pain and I are firm friends. I thought this would be less painfull than that and it is. I was on a really nice cocktail of painkillers after the gall bladder op though. The problem with the painkillers is I got a really really REALLY bad case of constipation and I didn't want to go there again so this time I have been avoiding the codeine. So you know it hurts. And my body has decided this week that coughing is fun. NO i tell it NO coughing is not fun. Coughing hurts. ALOT
I have also been sucking down prune juice (it is the drink of warriors for all those trekkies) and so we have not had any constipation issues. Quite the opposite actually and here in lies another fun fact. When you are on a liquid diet, boosted with prune juice, everything is quite soft and mooshie. Bt you are also full of gas which needs to be released, so you are tooting along playing the bum trumpet and ooh ohh no thats not gas. I have had a few near misses over the last couple of days because I can't feel uumm how to say it...solids (**shrugs**)

So there is pain and poop. Now to question my next logic arguement. I knew this was not an overnight cure. I knew I was not going to come out of hospital 80kgs lighter, I know that was not going to happen. But i think this banding thing is somewhat like a wedding. The effort and planning etc that you put into the one day you can't really believe that life returns to normal the next day. I think its a little like that. I have waited so long for this momentous event and now its done and life to a certain degree has returned to normal. I am still massively overweight, I still have to go back to work next week, the kids still need dinner and baths and to go to school etc etc. I think there is just some anti climax things going on. So again thats a little confronting and I think will be hard to deal with.

OWWW... ok sneezing sneezing hurts too

And then there is the liquids. Now my dietician told me it was liquids for 3 weeks then mushies for 3 weeks and I kind of had that as ok in my head. That meant i was only on liquids for 2 weeks once I go back to work. But the packet of info I got from my surgeon says liquids for 4 weeks and mushies for 2 weeks. This has kind of thrown me a bit. Also I knew what a liquid diet entailed, I prepared for it. I shopped and cooked for it. But living it is a little different. When I think of eating it is hard to push all solid foods to one side. DOn't get me wrong I know I have too and I am doing so but it is very different to do so.

All in all I can say I am banded and thats about it. We will see how things progess.

Jimmy Choo and the shakers on stage now. Pete Port the roadie as always backing up the band.