Countdown to banding day

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will we ever be ready for what's ahead

The race is on.

Monday is my next fill. I am hoping and praying that I have lost some weight. It seems to have slowed right down. There was a big fall at the beginning but now I don't seem to be noticing changes as much. Maybe that's normal. We will see when I jump on the scales at the Dr's on Monday. Depending on how much weight i've lost and how much they think I should be eating will depend on whether I get another fill.

I think I need one because I seem to be able to eat alot. having send that i seem to puke alot. But usually I can pin that down to eating to fast and not chewing enough and taking big bites. Again not very bright.

So here we stand like a couple of fools and the race is on. I am trying to be so good this week. I really really so desperately want those scales to have gone down on Monday. That will be proof that this whole thing has been worthwhile and that I am on the right track.

Self doubt all over the joint. but self confidence on the rise. I am seriously loving the girls right now. I bought some new bras and the girls are all up high and standing proud and by golly am I flashing them around. Whoa nelly . :)

Should I post a pic???/ heheh Nah Porky Porn ain't my bag.

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