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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You must be some kind of Superstar

So I had my 2nd fill on Monday on oh boy can i tell the difference. My first fill I had 4mls in could feel it being a little bit tight and I knew it if I ate too fast or too big but this time I only had 1 ml in. It is really tight. I can feel it after a few bites of food. I think I like it. It makes me so much more consciuos of the band and what it is doing.

I kept saying after I PB'd (nearly every coupl of day) that I musn't be too bright but this time it is great. I can know immediately that something is not right. I am too scared to put anything in my mouth for fear it will get stuck so the choices I am making a good choices. Salad for lunch yesterday about 1/3 of a medium serve (plastic container thing) and some chicken. Cheese and crackers for afternoon tea and some pasta for dinner. I spoonfull of pasta and some sauce.

Right now I am having muesli for breakkie at me desk. I am not usre what full feels like. Pleasantly full and I have not gotten to know each other. I have always prefered fulls friend Stuffed or his long lost cousins Bloated and Better (as in MPython Better get a bucket). And here I am now stopping before my stomach screams at me to stop or it is going to explode. Nice. Unusual.

So here we are in the actual restriction phase of band life and i doing ok. I think as in much I my life I think I am going to be a textbook lapbander. Stress tightens my band. Mornings tighten my band. Bread is a no go area. I think I like it whih brings me too the song I am singing. You must be some kind of superstar oh yes you are.

Starting weight 165.8
Previous weight 154 (18th September)
Mondays weigh in 148.9
Total lost 16.9

Lost in a month 5.1kg Oh yeah Oh Yeah oh Yeah

Feeling good sugar feeling good


Nola said...

I am so glad to hear you feel good about the band and the new restriction and all that stuff!!! Don't stress about what you still have to lose...have a bloody look at what you have already achieved!!! You are awesome and my total inspiration!!!

Diz said...

Too Cool. I've become quite familiar with PBing since my last fill. Often, I don't realize it's going to happen, which tells me I have to slow down. I like how you talk about becoming friends with full. What a journey.

Bridget said...

5.1 in a month.... go you!!!