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Sunday, September 21, 2008

And we all shine on....

I have just updated my blog lists. These are the blogs I read everyday. Seriously these women give me strength, hope and courage.

Some of these chicks deal everyday and yet remain a positive force.

Cat who can make me laugh and bring me to tears in the one breath. Singe mum, autoimmune issues, now a gym junkie, you kick butt.

Myf who is off adventuring, making the band work for her, wearing a wetsuit for crying out loud. You are braver than I Myf, I take my hat off to you.

Kathy who just gets on with it, I don't think I have read one negative word in her blog. She is a soothing influence.

Diz , our American compatriot, she lays her shit on the table then deals with it. cool man very cool.

There are many others who I have looked in on and some I lurk and spy through the window. Not quite game enough to intrude on their worlds yet, but each one has left a message on my spirit. Some scratch deeper with their pens but all are indelible with their sweet words of success giving me hope that I too can some day utter the words "I did it". Sometimes they are stern words at themselves to get over it or get on with it, making me stand up and make sure I am also making every moment count. Sometimes feeling sorry for themselves letting me know that I too can have pity days and that we are all human and therefore fallible. But best of all laughing at themselves and not taking life too seriously, letting me know that I can see the funny side of life and that,my friends, is where it's at.

So thankyou Band and my roadie for without you I may never have gotten to glimpse at these riotous women's lives and let them take a peak at mine. Opening up, letting in, sharing, caring, feeling, hoping for their success as well as mine. I am a "bigger" spirit for the experience.

Thankyou All


Nola said...

Awww..that's a great post! I am relatively new at gettin' down with the bloggin' thing but I am loving reading other's accounts of their lives and how they are doing.

Diz said...

You are too sweet. I love all the different blogs too, but I don't see myself in the same light you do. You make me seem so much cooler than I really am.

samib85 said...

i love reading your blog ! your words are touching even when they're not meant to be..keep up the great work. we're all doing it and we all know you can do it, and at the end of my journey when i get there, i'm one of the ones as well that can't wait to say "i did it !"
All the very very best to you,
Sami Xx

Cat McKenzie said...

Aw Claire, thank you so much. I get so much pleasure out of writing my blog, but even more joy out of knowing it's being read.

It's truly amazing to be part of the online bandit blogging community. I agree with you that there are some awesome women out there and they inspire and delight me every included. Thanks for sharing your story with us all.


Bulge Bandit said...

Gotta dig the lady love on the bogs.

SSeriuously though I am a big one for laying it on the line when women are being there own and others harshest critics.

All the working mum v stay at home mum crap that goes on. Fat v thin. Feed your kid organic v preservative etc etc.

Seriously man whatever is best for you and your tribe should not be condemned by other women. Stand together, unite support, burn some bras y'all know the drill.

Solidarity sister

OK stepping off soap box for a little lie down.