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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Bubbly

So since my fill on Thursday I have been discovering what goes down, what comes up and what sits around for a while playing Grand ol Duke of York....Neither up nor down.

Here is what I have found so far

Salad ...surprise surprise goes down well. Chew it up which is the hard bit. Chewing a lettuce leaf 49 times is a tad painful but it goes down and stays down.

Bread..not a great friend of mine at the best of times(tends to give me hiccups)is still not a great friend but a small bit chewed up goes down but tends to hang around and if not chewed enough hurts like buggery. Not actual buggery but you know what I mean

Pastry...Bad Very Very Bad. I can not chew astry enough to make it go down. It comes back up again. Which brings me to the account of my 1st PB. At work on Friday trying to eat a pastizzi and it would not go down. It got wedged in there like a fat guy in a plastic outdoor chair on a hot summers day. So I start to drink little sips of water to try and budge it. Well budge it did. I just made it to the bathroom when I literally burped and up it came. It was like burping a big wet bubble and the the mouthful follows. Weird and yet surprisingly comforting. I feel like a proper bandit now.

Other than that I haven't pushed it too far. I am very surprised at how little I can eat. 1 crumpet for breakfast yesterday morning. A couple of spoonfuls of salad and 2 chicken wings for lunch today. My food intake already is half of what I was eating a couple of days ago which had reduced by about a half already what I was eat prebanding. I am shocked, a little worried and very scared.

See the fact is I like eating and I have to say I enjoyed eating vast amounts. I don't like the fact that I ate my way into having an arse the size of QLD but I really enjoy eating..lots. So just a bit sad that I can't eat anymore but you know can't keep stuffing my cake hole and lose the weight. So it's all good Isn't it???

OK this is real now and all is calm


LapBandGirl said...

It's funny when I read newly banded people and they talk about what they now can and can't eat... it sure does bring back memories!!! Onwards and Downwards!!

Diz said...

Love the analogy of the fat guy in the plastic lawn chair!! Hilarious! God, you should be a writer! I'll buy your first book.

Cat McKenzie said...

ROTFL. God, you crack me up...arse the size of Queensland!!

I'm constantly amazed by what I can and can't eat on a daily basis. What was okay yesterday is anathema today. It's like a lucky dip at a school never know what you're going to get. It's kind of become the surprise in my day. Oh, that's so sad!

Cat said...

ROFL... I am not sure whether it's a good thing - but I literally nearly wet mysef laughing reading about your first PB... I'm sorry :)

L xo